[lm-sensors] VT8231 patch for review

Jean Delvare khali at linux-fr.org
Thu Nov 17 16:56:21 CET 2005

Hi Roger,

On 2005-11-16, Roger Lucas wrote:
> Again, revised patch attached.  The array overflow in the fan
> configuration was upsetting the fan readings, which is now fixed.  The
> alarm flags from the device are not what as expected, so I have added
> code to explicitly correct the alarm behaviour.  The alarm is now set
> if the fan stalls and a minimum RPM has been set.  The alarm is
> explicitly cleared if the fan is not spinning and no minimum RPM has
> been set.  These problems were masked by the fan array overflow you
> spotted.

I am quite surprised by the alarm problems you are reporting. Please
remember that alarms usually wear off only after they have been read at
least once, and the driver caches the register values for 1.5 second, so
it might take some time before alarms show, and even more for past
alarms to disappear.

I'm also a bit worried because in theory, the drivers should always
return data which reflects the hardware status, and let userspace decide
what must be ignored or altered. This is especially true of alarm flags.
If we wanted them to be always accurate and real-time, we could generate
them in software rather than relying on the hardware.

Alarm flags not matching expectations may also reveal bugs in the
drivers. You should use isadump to really watch register values rather
than trusting the driver when investigating this kind of issue. So,
please double check what is happening here.

> I have updated the temperature measurement for temp2-6, but I have no way
> of testing this code as I have no hardware that matches it.  Hopefully
> someone can test it and report back.  It also includes your performance
> optimisations for the fan LSB calculations, but again I have no way to
> test temp2-6 for this.

Well, if it's broken, users will hopefully let us know. Your driver will
unquestionably receive a number of fixes during the next few months,
that's unavoidable, you never can get it all right the first time, no
matter how many review cycles we have gone through.

> I hope I have got the header information and patch format correct now -
> I had been using an older version of Quilt (not sure which as I could
> not find any way to get Quilt to report its version number) and this
> included the trailing whitespace removal, so hopefully this is OK too.

Looks OK to me. Quilt can tell its own version since version 0.41, so if
you can't, you must have an older version.

> Finally, I have added my contact details to the MAINTAINERS list.

Great. I will accept this version of the patch and push it upstream,
modulo a few coding style cleanups and last minute fixes:

> +#define TEMP_FROM_REG(reg)    	  ((253 - (reg)) * 250 / 210)
> +#define TEMP_MAXMIN_FROM_REG(reg) ((253 - (reg)) * 1000 / 210)
> +#define TEMP_MAXMIN_TO_REG(val)   (253 - (val) * 210 / 1000)

Broken alignment.

> +#define CFG_INFO_VOLT(id)	{ &sensor_dev_attr_in##id##_input.dev_attr, \
> +				&sensor_dev_attr_in##id##_min.dev_attr, \
> +				&sensor_dev_attr_in##id##_max.dev_attr, \
> +				}
> +#define CFG_INFO_VOLT(id)	{ &sensor_dev_attr_in##id##_input.dev_attr, \
> +				&sensor_dev_attr_in##id##_min.dev_attr, \
> +				&sensor_dev_attr_in##id##_max.dev_attr, \
> +				}

Same macro defined twice?

> +	for (i=0; i < ARRAY_SIZE(cfg_info_volt); i++)	{

Invalid use of tab.

> +	u16 low = vt8231_read_value(client, VT8231_REG_TEMP_LOW01);
> +
> +	low = (low >> 6) | ((low & 0x30) >> 2) | (vt8231_read_value(client,
> +				VT8231_REG_TEMP_LOW25) << 4);
> +
> +	down(&data->update_lock);
> +
> +	if (time_after(jiffies, data->last_updated + HZ + HZ / 2)
> +	    || !data->valid) {

This means that any read operation on any sysfs file will trigger two
register reads, bypassing the caching mecanism which precisely tries to
prevent this. I will move the reads back inside the jiffies-protected

BTW, there is a potential problem with temperature readings: how to make
sure that the 2 LSB we read belong to the same sample as the 8 MSB? Some
chips latch one half when the other is read, some don't. I couldn't
find any hint in the datasheet. We might have to strengthen the code if
problems arise on this front.

We now need to update lm_sensors2 CVS so that it will work with this new
driver. To do:
* Update libsensors (mostly temp inputs renumbering).
* Update the 2.4 driver (again, temp inputs renumbering).
* Update the sensors programe (again, temp inputs renumbering).
* Update sensors.conf.eg. Not only temp input renumbering/reordering, but
also voltage and temperature formula changes.

I would expect the new voltage compute lines to be in the form:

    compute in2 @ / K, @ * K

where K is one of the constants listed above the declarations of these

Thermistor-base temperatures should also have a simplified formula,
although that's still a bit complex due to the thermistor equation.
I'll think about it.

At this point the 2.4 driver will still be broken and we'll have to fix
it ASAP.

Jean Delvare

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