[lm-sensors] Analogue Devices ADT7476ARQZ chip status

Jean Delvare khali at linux-fr.org
Sat Nov 26 10:52:12 CET 2005

Hi Reuben,

> The board I have is an Intel D945PVSLKR, and it has two relevant i2c chips on 
> it.  There is an SMC LPC47M182 chip, but also an Analogue Devices ADT7476ARQZ 
> onboard near the CPU.  I suspect that the Analogue Devices chip is the more 
> useful chip of the two (see ticket comment by Khali).

It's "SMSC", and "Analog Devices". The LPC47M182 is not an "i2c chip".

> I have posted the rather lengthy output of sensors-detect up on my website at 
> http://www.reub.net/files/kernel/
> There's a data sheet about this chip here:
> http://www.analog.com/en/prod/0%2C2877%2CADT7476%2C00.html
> If this chip is in fact unsupported, what can I do to help with getting it 
> supported and functional?

Please provide a dump of the Analog Devices chip:
i2cdump 0 0x2e b

Jean Delvare

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