[lm-sensors] Re: [PATCH] hwmon : Fix W83627THF VID reading

Jean Delvare khali at linux-fr.org
Sat Nov 26 15:56:22 CET 2005

Hi again Mark,

> > Your patch does work on my system, but... no, I don't think it means
> > anything if the inputs are inverted or not.  The BIOS might set the inputs
> > to inverted if the VID signals are inverted by hardware... which I would
> > not consider to be unusual or unexpected.
> I do consider it to be unexpected. The W83627HF cannot invert these pins
> as far as I know, so if the W83627THF is supposed to be used as a
> replacement for the W83627HF, the GPIO pins shouldn't be inverted.
> Additionally, the VID signals are supposed to come directly from the
> CPU, and if they do they cannot be inverted.

On second though, you're right. We just can't assume anything. I've
backed out the patch I had proposed.

> Great, thanks. I'll probably push upwards a part of it this week so that
> it gets a broader testing in -mm.

I'll do later this afternoon, BTW.

Jean Delvare

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