[lm-sensors] Patch for i2c-elektor driver

Stig Telfer lmsensors at lizardlogic.co.uk
Thu Oct 6 12:45:48 CEST 2005

Wow, this is getting to be quite a spring-cleaning now.

I have incorporated all your suggestions into this patch, except for 
these two:

* Jean: use of val & 255 in printk statement in pcf_isa_setbyte() - I 
think this is actually required because parameter val is an integer 
quantity and could have been sign-extended?  I would prefer to change 
the function parameter to u8, but this violates the types of struct 

* Greg: I haven't changed the printk and pr_debug calls yet, because 
there are some printk calls before a struct device is initialised (this 
is done when the device is registered to i2c_algo_pcf at the end of 
driver init).  What is the policy relating to driver output before 
there is an associated struct device initialised?

I took a look at the code with sparse, there were no reported problems. 
  However, am I right in thinking that sparse is x86-centric?  I was 
running the compilation on an Alpha system.  With more than a little 
irony considering the political harangue against gcc in the sparse 
documentation, it didn't compile on my RH8 x86 system: gcc gave an 
internal compiler error...

The attached patch is for code cleanup and is a direct replacement for 
patch 2.

Stig Telfer

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