[lm-sensors] Running lm-sensors on EPIA 5000 with Debian SARGE 2.6

Aaron Marburg amarburg at notetofutureself.org
Fri Oct 21 00:11:47 CEST 2005

> Aaron,
> Have you some more recent version of your driver somewhere (seems
> you do not)?  I think it would help people if we could get it into
> mainline.
> Thanks,
> Regards
> Rudolf

Hello Rudolf,

I do not have a patch for the (vt8231) driver for more recent kernels.
My EPIA-800 based development board was running Windows for the last
year or so.  It is back under Linux again, however, and I should be
able to make the necessary patches when I have some spare time.

- Aaron

amarburg at notetofutureself.org

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