[lm-sensors] Standalone lm_sensors in embedded environment

rob.teel at utah.edu rob.teel at utah.edu
Wed Sep 7 20:38:09 CEST 2005

I am curious if anyone has tried to use the lm_sensor software in an embedded
environment.  I would like to get uClinux up on an FPGA or small micro, and run
lm_sensors on top of that to monitor other rack mount processor boards.  

In other words, I want to a small embedded linux disto to monitor and alert the
maintenance personnel when there chassis over heat / over voltage.  Has this
type of thing been done?  

Currently, I have developed a custom solution, but the LCD interface, Ethernet
interface, and serial interfaces are kind of rough.

Feel free to reply to robt(at)Colmek.com.

Thanks in advance!

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