[lm-sensors] [PATCH] hwmon: Add w83791d support

Ymu at Winbond.com.tw Ymu at Winbond.com.tw
Fri Apr 7 10:25:47 CEST 2006

Hi Charles,

Thanks for your hardwork first:)
 i have one question about your mail.
> > > +     temp2_cfg = w83791d_read(client, W83791D_REG_TEMP2_CONFIG);
> > > +     temp3_cfg = w83791d_read(client, W83791D_REG_TEMP3_CONFIG);
> > > +     w83791d_write(client, W83791D_REG_TEMP2_CONFIG, 
> temp2_cfg & 0xe6);
> > > +     w83791d_write(client, W83791D_REG_TEMP3_CONFIG, 
> temp3_cfg & 0xe6);
> >
> > What are these doing? This needs a comment. Also note that 
> you could do
> > with a single temporary variable (or even without one.)
> >
> It is making sure the two temp sensors are enabled while preserving
> the reserved bits (the w83792 driver is doing this also). If you reset
> the chip the HW takes care of this. Guess I can remove the code and
> assume the BIOS is doing the right thing when reset=0...

I dont like this "reset" or "init", i would like to drop this parameter
and do nothing about temp2,temp3 configuration.
because we may lose MB specific configuration if we reset the chip,
What's your opinion?

Best Regards
Yuan Mu

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