[lm-sensors] making a geode i2c slave driver

Thomas Andrews tandrews at grok.co.za
Thu Apr 27 11:21:59 CEST 2006

Hi Jordan,

I hope you don't mind the imposition, Jean Delvare (khali on
#linux-sensors) suggested I contact you about a geode driver that I need
to write. (He said you wanted to do something similar a while back.)

I need to get the kernel to become an i2c slave from time to time. The
kernel is on a geode sc1100. Actually it is on one of Pascal's
(pc-engines) "WRAP" boards.

I have a little Atmel micro connected to the i2c bus on the geode, and
currently I have it working perfectly as a slave. My problem is that I
want the Atmel to be able to "push" info back to the geode without being
polled. You see I want fairly low latency - I don't want to have to poll
the Atmel every 10 milliseconds!

At the moment I am using an "adapter" driver for the SC1100 called
i2c-nscacb.c. It doesn't seem to have a maintainer, but it only had a
couple of little bug-fixes required, so once I'd done that it worked

The driver that I wrote for the Atmel is basically a vanilla sensor
driver. I need it to initially behave as a master to configure the
Atmel, and then sit back and wait for "events" to come in from the
Atmel. I am sure this means that I will need to modify the i2c-nscacb
module to become interrupt-driven, and that is apparently where my needs
overlap with yours?

I must warn you that I've only been looking at the lmsensors code for a
couple of days, so my knowledge is still full of pretty big holes, but I
have to get this thing working, so I'll get there :-)

How should I go about this problem? What would you suggest ?

Many thanks,

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