[lm-sensors] PC87427 support timeline?

Jonathan deBoer jonathan at seltec.ab.ca
Mon Dec 18 18:01:24 CET 2006


I have a server that uses the PC87427 chip for fan monitoring and 
control. While I have applied the patch provided on your website for fan 
speed monitoring, it does not allow for fan speed control. This machine 
is extremely loud. Is there any way to turn down the fans? (They are 
currently running at full speed all the time, and there is absolutely no 

Is there a possible timeline for full support for this chip?

I am willing to use this machine as a test platform for driver 
development, if needed, as the machine is not mission critical (yet).

Thank you.


Jonathan deBoer
Field Technician
Seltec Computers
Whitecourt, Alberta,
Cell: (780) 779-3872
email: jonathan<at>seltec<dot>ab<dot>ca

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