[lm-sensors] Call for 2.10.2

George T. Joseph (development) gtj.devel at peakin.com
Thu Dec 21 23:27:00 CET 2006

I'd like to get my support for the Andigilog asc7xxx sensors in but I'm
waiting for feedback on the kernel driver submitted on Dec 7th.


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Hi all,

We should start planning the release of lm_sensors 2.10.2. I don't
think I have anything pending myself, if others have things pending
that should go in, please speak up. I guess we'll all be busy with
end-of-year festivities in the next two weeks so it's probably better
to wait for everyone to be back before we freeze the repository and
do the release. I thus propose the following schedule:

January 7th, 2007: Freeze of the repository
January 8th to 13th: Tests
January 14th: Release of lm_sensors 2.10.2

Jean Delvare

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