[lm-sensors] hwmon-sensor-attr-array-2.patch

Hans de Goede j.w.r.degoede at hhs.nl
Mon Jan 2 11:51:22 CET 2006

Jean Delvare wrote:
> Hi Jim,
> Jim Cromie wrote:
>> This patch refactors SENSOR_DEVICE_ATTR_2 macro, following pattern set by
>> SENSOR_ATTR.  First it creates a new macro SENSOR_ATTR_2() which expands 
>> to an initialization expression, then it uses that in SENSOR_DEVICE_ATTR_2, 
>> which declares and initializes a struct sensor_device_attribute_2.
> Looks OK to me, consider it applied. I won't push it until I am also
> able to push a driver which uses it though (but that should happen soon
> enough.)
> We should probably think of this part of the code and see what can be
> done to improve it. struct sensor_device_attribute is currently
> *larger* than struct sensor_device_attribute_2, which makes one wonder
> if we shouldn't use sensor_device_attribute_2 everywhere even when we
> don't actually need the second parameter. Also, the field names "index"
> and "nr" are too generic IMHO and this might get confusing in the long
> run. I was thinking of "channel" instead of "index". No idea for "nr"
> though. Or maybe we are generic on purpose for reusability, but then
> "index" and "nr" should be "nr0" and "nr1" or something equally
> symmetrical. Thoughts?
> Thanks,

I use the 2 fields in a number of different ways (table use 8-width tabs):

		nr selects 			index selects
values		NA				sensor
pwm_auto/min/ma	min/max	(offset)		sensor/pwm
xxx_mask_xxx	beep/shutdown/alarm (bitmask)	sensor_type (volt/temp)*

*) NA for bank2 as bank2 only contains fan sensors

I've attached a new version of the uGuru driver which adds the above 
table as a comment for future reference.

Anyways considering the wide number of uses I've found for the 2 params 
in 1 driver I think we should keep the names as generic as possible, 
maybe index and param?, which would suggest swapping the order of the 2 
in the MACRO arg lists.



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