[lm-sensors] I switched from AMD XP TB to AMD Mobile Barton (it8217) and now CPU temp = -74*C

Filip Tsachev filip.tsachev at gmail.com
Tue Jan 24 08:24:04 CET 2006


if I use the set sensor 2 - I get:

Temp 3:      +74°C  (low  =   +35°C, high =   +55°C)   sensor =

If I use type 3 - I get:

Temp 3:      -79°C  (low  =   +35°C, high =   +55°C)   sensor = diode

I have no compute temp 3 line, if I try the suggested (for some other board
in the conf file) -15.096+1.4893*@), (@+15.096)/1.4893

It's going down to:

 -134°C (diode)

If I try the following formula: compute temp3 (@+128)/3, (3*@-128)

I get +16*C

The CPU temp should be around 45-55*C.. please guys help me out here, what
could be done?

On 24/01/06, Rudolf Marek <r.marek at sh.cvut.cz> wrote:

> > I switched from AMD XP TB to AMD Mobile Barton on a GB 7n400e-l (it8217)
> > and now CPU temp reading has gone to -74*C from the previous +45*C
> > readings. In bios temp readings are just it's fine.. right now it looks
> > as a diode (meaning auto selected by sensors) but if I change it to
> > thermistor (which I doubt is the type in this MB) it just changes to
> > +74*C or something similar, please tell me how to reset all-together
> > sensors data about the diode/thermistor settings or to pastebin my
> > config? there is no offset for cputemp in bios. Many thanks in advance!
> Hmm thats really strange. Maybe the temp reading are inverted for some
> reason?
> Please have a look to propper /etc/sensors.conf section
> (look for:  compute temp1     (-15.096+1.4893*@), (@+15.096)/1.4893 ) or
> similar)
> Maybe other people round can have some idea?
> Regards,
> Rudolf

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