[lm-sensors] How to submit patches

carlos.olalla at urv.cat carlos.olalla at urv.cat
Mon Jul 3 12:57:46 CEST 2006

Thx for your answer Rudolf> Well patches always welcomed. Please post the patches to the list.> Just use diff -uprN a/ b/> > where a/ and b/ are two trees of sources. (The diff should be > done using> the latest kernel -mm)I have seen that the kernel drivers from latest SVN snapshot of lm-sensors athttp://dl.lm-sensors.org/lm-sensors/snapshots/are different from the ones athttp://www.kernel.org/should i use the latest lm-sensors SVN snapshot for libsensors patches?and the latest kernel for drivers patches?I guess this is obvious but i want to be sureThx again!

Carlos Olalla Martinez
carlos.olalla at urv.net
carlos.olalla at estudiants.urv.cat
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