[lm-sensors] [PATCH 2.6] cleanup of i2c-nforce2, support of MCP51 and MCP55

Jean Delvare khali at linux-fr.org
Mon Jun 5 09:00:23 CEST 2006

Hallo Hans-Frider,

> I invested a little bit of time into the nforce2/3/4 SMBus driver and changed 
> the following things:
> - general cleanup:
> 	o removed code for the unsupported I2C block transfer mode
> 	o removed detail warnings about unsupported modes that are covered in a 
> general warning (unsupported transaction...) anyway
> 	o removed necessity of a definition of struct i2c_adapter
> 	o moved definition of struct i2c_algorithm, making forward declarations of 
> nforce2_access and nforce2_func unnecessary
> - improvements:
> 	o support MCP51 and MCP55 southbridges
> 	o advertise  I2C_FUNC_SMBUS_BLOCK_DATA, so that it really can be used
> the patch is relative to 2.6.15-rc7 with your patch 
> i2c-nforce2-support-nforce4-mcp04.patch of 18 december (thanks) already 
> applied. If preferred, I can of course also send a full patch relative to 
> 2.6.15-rc7 (which should be applicable to other kernel versions as well).

I'm sorry for overlooking this patch when you sent it back in December
2005. Now we happen to have a part of these changes already merged in
the i2c-nforce2 driver (in particular support for the MPC51 and MPC55.)
Would you be kind enough to respin your cleanups on top the i2c-nforce2
driver as it exists in recent -mm tree? (Or on top of Linus' latest +
at your option.)

Jean Delvare

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