[lm-sensors] W83793 driver

Rudolf Marek rudolf.marek at sysgo.com
Tue Jun 13 10:54:47 CEST 2006

Hi Yuan,

> Sounds interesting, i think we do not need to do this now since the 
> machine did not
> reboot for 3 days, maybe the reason is they use a aeroengine as the 
> cpufan...
> I will dig what you said after finish the schedule about 793 :)
> Now I got it work on FC5 and FC4, but FC3 met the same problem as i met 
> before,
> maybe i801 driver missing ICH7 PCI ID, and i'm trying to make it work :(

CHeck the PCI IDS, for new kernels you can check the history on each files:

And also through the trac.

>> I will just do a "quick" review later today and send you the results. 
>> I have in
>> my queue also VT1211 driver, hopefully I can do both today or in near 
>> future.

I hope to do it this week, maybe in evening... Got a lot of work ;(


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