[lm-sensors] nvidia nforce410 chipset / ASUS K8N-VM motherboardsupport

Daan Willems anything at daanwillems.nl
Fri Jun 30 08:20:54 CEST 2006

I've tried the patch on a plain vanilla kernel, but using the 
newbuilt module still doesn't show me the voltages. However on building 
the module with the patch applied I get the following message:

WARNING: drivers/acpi/processor.o - Section mismatch: reference to 
.init.data: from .text between 'acpi_processor_power_init' (at offset 
0xf2f) and 'acpi_processor_cst_has_changed'

Yuan Mu wrote:
> Daan Willems wrote:
>> Ok great! Will this patch apply to a vanilla kernel?
>> Is it planned for a future update of the vanilla kernel?
> I think it can apply to your kernel.
> Or you can waiting for 2.6.18-rc1 ;)

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