[lm-sensors] HT1000 support (see lm_sensors ticket 2031, new chips page)

Jean Delvare khali at linux-fr.org
Wed Mar 1 20:19:18 CET 2006

Hi Bruce,

> I'd like to get lm_sensors support for a system with an HT1000 chip.
> References are on http://www2.lm-sensors.nu/~lm78/newdrivers.html
> -- I've rebuilt a stock kernel using the HT1000 patch referenced
>     on the newdrivers page:
>     http://khali.linux-fr.org/devel/i2c/linux-2.6/i2c-piix4-add-ht1000-support.patch
> -- I then built and installed sysfsutils-2.0.0
> -- I then built and installed lm_sensors-2.10.0.
> -- I loaded the i2c_piix4 module using modprobe.
> -- I mounted sysfs on /sysfs
> However sensors-detect does not find ANYTHING.  Not even eeprom!  Am I 
> doing something stupid?

The HT-1000 is (from our simplified point of view) an SMBus master. It
may give you access to I2C/SMBus hardware monitoring chips, but isn't
itself a hardware monitoring chip.

> (Note: for kicks I also went into the lm_sensors source and 'hacked' the 
> SERVERWORKS CSB6 0x0203 PCI-id to be 0x0205 both the sensors-detect script 
> and in the i2c_piix4 code contained there. It didn't help.)

The i2c-piix4 driver found in the lm_sensors is a Linux 2.4 driver, so
it is of no use to you.

Adding the ID to sensors-detect will let it autoload the i2c-piix4
driver, but given that you had manually loaded it beforehand anyway, it
did not change anything for you.

Please check your logs after loading the i2c-piix4 driver. Did it
complain of anything?

Second, please provide the full output of sensors-detect. There are
many possible reasons why no chips were found on your HT-1000, and this
output should help us sort through them. You may also provide the
output of "i2cdetect 0" (assuming that the HT-1000 is the only i2c
adapter on the system; if not try "i2cdetect -l" first.)

> One other possibility is that because I have a BMC card plugged in to the 
> motherboard (SuperMicro H8SSL-i) the BMC card is not allowing access to 
> the devices from lm_sensors.

BMC are handled by a different set of drivers which were not yet merged
into Linux 2.6. See http://bmcsensors-26.sourceforge.net/ if you think
this is what you need. I can not help much on this myself.

Jean Delvare

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