[lm-sensors] LM Sensors autoconfig tool project awarded as google SOC project

Hans de Goede j.w.r.degoede at hhs.nl
Wed May 24 13:37:58 CEST 2006

Hi All,

First of all apologies for not communicating and / or coordinating this 
with you earlier.

Besides writing the abituguru driver I'm also active (actually mainly 
active) as a Fedora contributer. A few weeks ago the Fedora board asked 
for ideas/projects for Fedora's participation in Google's Summer of Code 
(SOC: http://code.google.com/soc/). Ever since working on the abituguru 
driver I've had this dream / project in my head for better & easier 
autoconfiguration of lm_sensors for a specific setup.

Thus I took this chance to propose an lm_sensors autoconfig tool as a 
Fedora SOC project. As already said sorry for not involving you all 
earlier, I didn't expect much to come of this.

It has turned out however that much has come of this. 4 "students" have 
  submitted official applications to google to undertake this project! 
And 2 more have send me emails but didn't file their applications with 
google. And I have applicated to be the Mentor for one of these students 
who seems like an excellent candidate.

Its very likely (not 100% official yet) that this project will be 
approved and that the student I've applicated to Mentor will be working 
on this this summer.

Even though this is a Fedora project, I believe that the lm_sensors 
team/community getting involved is important if not vital and that the 
project should be implemented in an as distro neutral way as possible, 
hence my mail to you.

For the project as described by me when suggesting it see:

As part of the application process the student has reworded this in his 
own words for his application, but since this isn't 100% official yet, 
so that ain't public yet. Suffice it to say that his application is much 
like my proposal.

Within the next week or so we (the student and I) must create a timeline 
and a clear set of deliverables which should be the end result of this 
project. I'll ask the student to subscribe to this list ASAP and to post 
and discuss a proposal here.

In the mean time it would help if you could read:
and give initial comments/feedback based on that.



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