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sussanwil9 williams sussanwil9 at yahoo.fr
Tue May 30 11:26:44 CEST 2006

J'ai une nouvelle adresse mailVous pouvez maintenant m'écrire à : sussanwil9 at yahoo.fr

>From Miss Sussan Williams.. (Guinea-Bissau). Please reply me here: sussanwil9 at yahoo.fr

Greetings. With warm heart I offer my friendship,

and greetings, and I hope is mail meets you in good time. However strange or surprising this contact might seem to you, as we have not met personally or had any dealings in the past. I humbly ask that you take due consideration of its importance and immense benefit.

My name is Miss Sussan William, from Guinea-Bissau. I have something very important that i would like to confide in you please,I have a reasonable amount of money inherited from my late father (12M$ Twlve Million, United States Dollar}. I want to invest in your country with a very honest person and again in a very profitable venture.

I'm expecting your reply for more explanation. Please i'm eargerly waiting for your response. Please reply me here: sussanwil9 at yahoo.fr

Thanks and God bless you.

My sincer regards to you,

Miss Sussan. 

- sussanwil9 williams

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