[lm-sensors] ASUS P5B DELUXE WiFi with Winbond W83627DHG

Christian Mahr christian.mahr.ulm at arcor.de
Thu Nov 2 20:07:25 CET 2006

Hi David

more investigations:

On this board, fan1, fan4 and fan5 (named CHA_FAN1, CHA_FAN3, CHA_FAN2 externally) are synchroneously controlled by pwm4.  (I have not checked CHA_FAN4 and 5) since I could not finde a corresponding fan read out. Maybe they are not monitored at all)

I succeded to establish a control loop by setting _enable=2, _target=38000,_mode=1, _min_output=95. Now I can observe when loading the cpu with "while true ; do  a=1; done" ,after some while the Fans do really speed up.

Interesting enough, the circuit seems to react on the CPU temperature, not on the SYS-temperature.

I am still working on fan2 and 3. Monitoring fan speed works.
I expected them to be controlled by one of the other 3 pwm´s but I am still not able to control them.

Fan3 ist connected to "PWR-FAN" which seems to be non-controllable at all. The BIOS does not offer any choice either. Only fan speed is supervised.

Fan2 seems to be connected to "CPU-FAN", the 4-pin connector. Here I am still experimenting. The main problem is that the CPU cooler I do use now has only 3 pins. If I connect any 3 pin fan to these 4 pins, the fan just turns at high speed - no control. Is there any adapter for such purposes?

On the fans measurements: I do have fans that are able to operate lower than 600 rpm. But when I turn down power below "95" and the fan reading is below 620 rpm, the measurement becomes erroneous - it jumps up to values like 10.546 rpm even at a _div=128. This might be area of improvement in the driver? 

Best regards

Am Donnerstag, 2. November 2006 18:53 schrieb David Hubbard:
> Hi Christian,
> That's interesting that lowering the _min value causes the _div to
> work correctly. I'll study the driver and see if I can find out why.
> What is wrong with fan 2 and 3? I didn't see that in the email.
> David
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