[lm-sensors] ASUS P5B DELUXE WiFi with Winbond W83627DHG - here 3-pin and 4-pin cpu fans

Christian Mahr christian.mahr.ulm at arcor.de
Sat Nov 11 00:45:48 CET 2006

> > If you want to use a specific CPU-fan, where you are f.e.
> > convinced of the low-noise properties, its almost impossible to
> > find a 4-pin version.
> OTOH 4-pin fans promise much better fan speed control possibilities, so
> maybe a "standard" 4-pin fan will do a better job in that respect than
> an "advanced" 3-pin fan. But well that's your system and your money ;)

Hi Jean

I´d tend to agree on the long term - but I want to see a solid market choice here. 
I know at least one negative example: the cooler that comes with a boxed Core2Duo cannot be controlled below a certain minimum speed even if you manually set the pwm2 value to zero - the fan itself simply insists on a minimum speed. 

In my case I prefer a bigger/better cooler where I have full control on the fan speed even down to zero if i like. 
Just in this moment (in almost zero load condition) I run a good  3 pin cooler at 800 rpm (very quiet) resulting in a CPU temperature of only 36 degrees. 
If I load the system I can keep fan speed below 1200 (still quiet) and CPU temperature below 45 degrees. 

Best regards
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