[lm-sensors] CPU temperature(s) of Conroe

Ulrich Kessler ukessler at uni-bonn.de
Thu Nov 23 12:59:53 CET 2006

Dear all,

I have an ASUS P5B-VM with an E6600 and would like to monitor the CPU
temperatures. Sensors-detect only finds an LM78 chip which has only one
temparature sensor. The temperature shown by sensors is obviously the
Mobo-temperature (same as in BIOS).
I have read that Conroes possess integrated temperature sensors which could be
read out directly from CPU registers.
a) Is this correct?
b) Is this implemented in lm-sensors?
c) If yes, what do I have to do to get sensors show the CPU temperatures of the
two cores?

Thank you for reply. If you need further info, please let me know.


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