[lm-sensors] Tyan S2877 CPU Temp Erratic

Rudolf Marek r.marek at assembler.cz
Sat Nov 25 13:48:01 CET 2006


> Thanks Rudolf,

Heh good ;)

> I now use K8-temp and it seems to work.
> k8temp-pci-00c3
> Adapter: PCI adapter
> CPU#0 Core1: +54°C
> CPU#0 Core2: +59°C
> I am using a sensors.conf of:
> chip "k8temp-*"
>         label temp1 "CPU#0 Core1"
>         label temp3 "CPU#0 Core2"
>         label temp2 "CPU#1 Core1"
>         label temp4 "CPU#1 Core2"
> Is this correct?
> I get no reading on temp2 or temp4, which is right as I only have
> one dual core Opteron in this two socket board.

Theoretically there could be 4 temps for one physical CPU. Two for each core * 2 
= 4. And because your CPU is dualcore, and your CPU supports only 1 
temperature/core so you see two of them ;) I hope I clarified that.

So all in all, this works fine. Lets check the i2c bus related problem. And wait 
for some logs from you ;)


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