[lm-sensors] What about i2c_smbus_read_block_data() ?

Hans-Jürgen Koch hjk at linutronix.de
Wed Apr 4 21:49:20 CEST 2007

I'm working on a driver for LM93. I've got some code by Mark Hoffman, (c)2004. 
It doesn't compile on a recent kernel, because it heavily uses a function called
i2c_smbus_read_block_data(). Googling for that, I found this old mail in the
archives (October 2005):


Jean, what do you say to that today? Can we have that function back in
mainline, or do I have to find another solution?
If you agree to add it, I could prepare a patch for it, if you don't have
a recent version handy.


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