[lm-sensors] w83627hf hardware sharing

Mark Brown broonie at sirena.org.uk
Thu Apr 12 14:15:27 CEST 2007

While looking at the w83627hf driver I noticed that there are currently
two drivers in the kernel controlling these devices: w83627hf providing
lm_sensors support and the w83627hf_wdt driver providing watchdog
support.  Due to the hardware interface provided by the chip with many
functions multiplexed via two registers this can't be done safely:
concurrent access.  This is unlikely to happen at present but it is
possible and I'm currently looking at an application which uses some
additional functionality on the chip and would run into trouble much
more readily.

The most straightforward fix appears to be to provide a multiplexing
driver for the chip.  Does this sound like a reasonable approach to
take?  I'm particularly worried about the possible effects of changing
the lm_sensors driver, causing the device to move in sysfs, though as
far as I can tell current versions of lm-sensors should not be affected
due to the sysfs class.

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