[lm-sensors] LM64 support in lm63.c

Ramji ramji.jiyani at einfochips.com
Wed Apr 25 14:45:31 CEST 2007


Attached, patch for LM64 chip in LM63 chip driver.

Please, review it.

Every review comments and suggestions are most welcome.

Ramji Jiyani 

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Subject: Re: LM63 i2c chip driver

Hi Ramji,

On Mon, 23 Apr 2007 15:33:41 +0530, Ramji wrote:
> The Aleart pin has been connected to the MPC8548 interrupt controller.
> According to my understanding, there isn't any provision to handle 
> interrupt in Lm63 driver.

This is correct. All the Linux hardware monitoring drivers are based on

> Can you guide me to implement ISR with the driver? I need to notify 
> the user application whenever there will be interrupt. As lm63 driver 
> isn't directly Communicate with the user application, its confusing task.

I can't help you with that, sorry, I've never done anything like that and
have no idea how it is supposed to work.

> I have incorporated support for LM64 in lm63 driver. I will send you 
> the modified file once I will be done with all the changes. I will be 
> thankful to you, if you give your valuable time to review it.

Sure, send it to me when it's done and I'll try to find some time to review
it. You can Cc the lm-sensors mailing list, in case others are interested in
reviewing and/or using your code.

But please don't sent me a complete file. Send me a patch instead (as
generated by diff -u), so that I can see exactly what changes you made and
can comment on them quickly.

Jean Delvare

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