[lm-sensors] Intel Core voltage monitoring

linux at horizon.com linux at horizon.com
Wed Dec 12 07:39:30 CET 2007

> You're not missing any driver. What you're missing is the SMBus master
> device itself, because it was hidden from you by the BIOS, but given
> what the BIOS does with it, that's the only safe approach.

I don't see a Linux driver for it, but there is a spec for SMBus
access via ACPI, which could synchronize with SMM properly.

The spec's at http://www.smbus.org/specs/
SMBus Control Method Interface Specification, version 1.0

Supposedly there should be something like

   Name(_HID, "SMBUS01")   // Hardware ID (PnP ID)
   Name(_UID, <uid>)       // Unique Identification
   Method(_SBI, 0) {...}   // SMBus Information
   Method(_SBR, 3) {...}   // SMBus Data Read
   Method(_SBW, 6) {...}   // SMBus Data Write
   Method(_SBT, 6) {...}   // SMBus Data Transfer
   Method(_SBA, 0) {...}   // SMBus Alert Information

Does anyone know the right incanation (probably using "acpidump")
to see if this is supported on the problematic machines?  If so,
writing a driver becomes an interesting question.

(This seems rather obvious, so I hope this idea hasn't been
discarded already for some reason I have overlooked.)

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