[lm-sensors] No smbus on asus w1n laptop in spite of quirk > no lm_sensors

Christophe de Rivière christophe.dr at free.fr
Sun Jan 14 21:41:47 CET 2007

Le Dimanche 14 Janvier 2007 19:26, Rudolf Marek a écrit :
> >[...]
> >> Please can you attach the DSDT table to your mail?
> >> cat /proc/acpi/dsdt > /tmp/dsdt.bin
> >
> > Attached to this email.
> Careful your DSDT bytecode contains SMBUS access functions! Do not load the
> thermal module from ACPI. (the code does not use the HW semaphore)
> There is some ASUS mutex called P4SM in ACPI namespace but it seems that it
> is this board specific.
> Rudolf

Ah..!? On kubuntu 6.10, i use ksensors and it seems that it can monitor 
temperature from acpi and from lm_sensors. Both lm85 and thermal modules are 
loaded. The 2 temperatures are consistent : they are almost the same. And i 
had no crash.
And, i don't have yet ksensors on suse 10.2 but both thermal and lm85 modules 
are loaded and no crash detected.
What is the risk ?

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