[lm-sensors] question about vt1211

Juerg Haefliger juergh at gmail.com
Sat Jan 20 16:47:42 CET 2007

yes, upgrade to 2.6.19. That kernel includes a newly rewritten vt1211
driver that is compatible with the latest lm-sensors 2.10.1 (and


On 1/19/07, Michelle Dupuis <support at ocg.ca> wrote:
> On the same topic...(this answer may address your question too)
> I just upgraded my kernel from from 2.6.17 to 2.6.18, and my old vt1211.c
> broke.  Although it compiles and runs, my cpu temp is now stuck at 68'C
> (normally runs half that).  Under 2.6.17 it showed 35'C approx.
> Is there a newer vt1211 I can download somewhere?
> Thanks,
> Michelle
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> Hi Sasha,
> For future questions, please cc the lm-sensors mailing list since other
> people might be interested as well.
> > I compiled the driver and successfully installed the module on my
> > distribution (TimeSys 2.6.17) .  I read the document I found in
> > 2.6.19, but it didn't give me the idea on how to call driver functions
> > from user level application.
> I'm not familiar with TimeSys but from the name I'm assuming your're running
> a 2.6.17 kernel. The official vt1211 driver is not part of this kernel, it
> got added later with 2.6.19. Are you using Lars Ekmans' driver? If so, you
> should switch to 2.6.19 or later and use the official vt1211 driver that
> comes with the kernel.
> Like all hwmon drivers, the vt1211 driver creates a bunch of sysfs files
> which are used to exchange data between the driver and user-space processes.
> After loading the official driver, check /sys/class/hwmon/vt1211. It
> contains a bunch of files that you can access using regular read() and
> write() file operations to retrieve data from the driver (like temps and fan
> RPMs) or write data to the driver (like thermal thresholds).
> Please check Documentation/hwmon/sysfs-interface and vt1211 for an
> explanation of how to interpret the various files and their content.
> The standard way is to use a tool called 'sensors' which is part of the
> lm-sensors package. It reads these files, manipulates the data according to
> some rules specified in /etc/sensors.conf and displays them. Check it out...
> > VIA Web site has  utility VIA_SystemHealth, but they don't provide
> > source code as a reference for developers.  Could you please give me
> > some idea on how to find API to the driver.
> VIA's tool doesn't work with the 2.6.19 vt1211 driver, it is tailored toward
> the old unofficial driver.
> ...juerg
> > Thanks for the help.
> >
> > -- sasha
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