[lm-sensors] sensors.conf update for W83627EHF on MSI K9N Platinum

Markus Bauer markusbauer at users.sourceforge.net
Mon Jan 22 03:08:00 CET 2007


I have a MSI K9N Platinum mainboard with a W83627EHF chip.
I changed the sensors.conf configuration file to match my mainboard and
I want to share my results with you.

The specs provides a formula to calculate the -12V value. It produces a
reasonable result for the in5 input, which also seems to be connected.
So I added:

    label in5 "-12V"
    compute in5 (@+(20.48/242)-2.048)*24.2, (@-2.048)*(10/242)+2.048
    set in5_min   -12.0*1.05
    set in5_max   -12.0*0.95

The +5V value is calculated wrong for my board. There is no formula in
the specs, but I figured out from the value in the BIOS that for example
the input value 1.46 must be converted to 5.07.
A factor used in the specs is (R1 / 34). I calculated that R1 must be
exactly 84. So I changed:

    label in6 "+5V"
    compute in6 @*(1+(84/34)),  @/(1+(84/34))

On this board the CPU fan is connected to fan4:
   label fan4      "CPU Fan"

A full patch of my changes is attached.


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