[lm-sensors] dme1737 / sch311x hybrid driver

Juerg Haefliger juergh at gmail.com
Thu Jun 28 20:28:18 CEST 2007

Hi all,

I was playing around with adding support for the sch311x to the
dme1737 driver but I'm not so sure anymore how to go about it. For
those unfamiliar with the 2 chips, both chips implement the same
(almost but very close) HW monitoring capabilities but the dme1737
only allows access via SMBus while the sch311x only supports the LPC
interface. There are multiple ways to go about this:

1) 2 separate drivers. An i2c driver for the dme1737 and a platform
driver for the sch311x. They would only differ in the way they access
the HW, all the rest would be identical and could be shared.

2) 1 single driver that either registers itself as an i2c client or a
platform driver, depending on which chip is detected.

3) 1 single driver that registers itself as an i2c client independent
of the chip found.

While option 1) would be preferred, I kind of shy away from the amount
of work/changes necessary to implement it. I started of with option 2)
but it turned out to be bigger than expected. Lots of code for
registering/adding the platform stuff to support a chip that doesn't
seem to be very popular. It blows up the code and makes it pretty
ugly. I'm almost tempted to go with option 1)...

Not sure if option 3) is feasible. Sounds a little bit hacky and I
don't know if it's even possible to register a 'bogus' i2c client or
if it would break something somewhere that I'm not aware of.

Oh and option 2) and 3) of course require an i2c bus driver to be
present and loaded. So in case someone has a system with a sch311x
that doesn't have a supported i2c controller, he/she couldn't load the
dme1737 driver... Not very nice...

Does anybody have any suggestions or comments or other ideas?


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