[lm-sensors] #2167: Toshiba Satellite P100-239 sensors detected, but no data

Ralf Krieg ralf_krieg at freenet.de
Mon Mar 5 00:44:40 CET 2007

Hello Rudolf,

first thank you for your response.
According to your last Mail, I would like to help you, but I've got no 
specific knowlegde about ACPI and sensor reading. I read the ACPI 
specification cause I searched for a chance to write own devices (e.g. Fan) 
in my DSDT to get fan value reading. The fan is connected via 3-Pin cable and 
I think there is a readable value, even if sensors-detect find no sensor. 
After read this document I'm not one step forward with this idea.
The only real help I could give you would be testing and reporting. Or is 
there any kind of possible help I forgot?

Now, my new problem. I have no idea how to apply the patch you send me. Maybe 
this little problem "demonstrates" my specific linux knowlegde.


P.S.: Sorry for my horrible english. I'm from germany. :-D Hope you could 
understand all I said.

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