[lm-sensors] PC8374L SuperIO chip

Marcin DrStorm Sliwinski drstorm at data.pl
Sat Mar 10 18:16:50 CET 2007

Are there any chances for support for Winbond PC8374L chip ?
I have it on my Intel D965G mainboard (name on chip: 8347lf2-c/l1). 
It's SuperIO without internal sensors but with fan RPM measure and PWM
It has also Sensorpath interface (single-wire sensors interface).
Basic info can be found here:
In attachment i've put sensors-detect log (lm-sensors-2.10.2)
I was looking for some docs over the net but found only electric characteristics and pinout
without any data about internal registers.
I hope anyone will be able to code driver for this ;)

Best regards

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