[lm-sensors] coretemp - take3

Nicolas Boichat nicolas at boichat.ch
Mon Mar 19 05:17:39 CET 2007

Rudolf Marek wrote:
> Hello all,
> I'm CCing all interested parties, if some isn't please tell!
> On URL bellow is current version of coretemp driver.
> http://ssh.cz/~ruik/patches/

Small glitch in coretemp_init:

    printk(KERN_NOTICE DRVNAME ": This driver uses undocumented features"

        "of Core CPU. Temperature might be wrong!\n");

Prints this in dmesg:

 [46487.231000] coretemp: This driver uses undocumented featuresof Core CPU. Temperature might be wrong!

(Notice the space missing between "features" and "of")

Best regards,


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