[lm-sensors] [RFC][PATCH] Apple SMC driver (hardware monitoring and control)

Bob Copeland me at bobcopeland.com
Mon Mar 19 22:43:38 CET 2007

On 3/14/07, Nicolas Boichat <nicolas at boichat.ch> wrote:
> Hello,
> I developed, a while ago, a driver the Apple System Management
> Controller, which provides an accelerometer (Apple Sudden Motion
> Sensor), light sensors, temperature sensors, keyboard backlight control
> and fan control on Intel-based Apple's computers (MacBook Pro, MacBook,
> MacMini).

Hi Nicolas,

I tried out an earlier version of this patch several months ago just to play
around with the joystick part of the accelerometer driver on my MacBook, and
found that it was backwards in the y-direction compared to what Neverball
seemed to want (of course, NB has no way to invert the joystick).  I think
I just did something like this in my own copy:

+       y = -y;
        input_report_abs(applesmc_idev, ABS_X, x - rest_x);
        input_report_abs(applesmc_idev, ABS_Y, y - rest_y);

I don't claim you necessarily want to change it, but thought I'd pass it


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