[lm-sensors] Sensors-detect with DMI information, requirements & first version: Requestion comment

Ivo Manca pinkel at gmail.com
Mon May 14 13:13:58 CEST 2007

Hey all,

Please find attached the (patch for) first version of the updated 
sensors-detect. This patch adds support for looking up sensors 
configurations while using DMI information. It applies to the 3.0.0 branch 
of lmsensors.

Information about the patch:
* Adds command line parameters 
(--automatic, --manual, --version, --verbose, --help, --update)
* Looks up DMI information and tries to match this with a config file in 
* Ability to update /usr/share/lmsensors/motherboards with database (Note: 
This database is currently a DUMMY and does not contain any usuable 
information suitable for anything besides testing).
* Proccesses the config file if found.

It seems like it's already near to a complete working version. Every comment 
will be appriciated.
If you want to find a checklist with the implemented functions, please 
check: http://www.pinkelmans.nl/prive/sensors/Checklist.pdf

Note 1: The script currentently does not yet escapes backslashes for 
filenames, this will be added soon.
Note 2: To make the patch more readable, there are no spaces added to nearly 
every line inside the mainfunction of sensors-detect. Therefor the patched 
verion of sensors-detect itself might be hard to read. A patch with the 
added spaces (etc) will be submitted next week or so.
Note 3: The ability to only download configurations suitable for the current 
architecture will be added if time permits.

Requirements for sensors-detect (Ivo Manca): 
Requirements for website (Jasper Alias): 
Please feel free to comment on these requirements or to ask us to eleberate 

Information about the sensors-detect discussion can be found:

Ivo Manca
Jasper Alias
Gijs van der Weg 
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