[lm-sensors] Fintek F71882FG Driver -> Problems with non EPoXmobo's

Hans Edgington hans at edgington.nl
Mon May 14 21:34:14 CEST 2007

Hi Jan & Hans

> Do you have more details on the MSI mobo's? Type? BIOS version? And the
> memory configuration (how many MB's / GB's)

One of the testers just sent me his the info on his mobo, he has a MSI P965
Platinum mobo. American Megatrends bios version 1.4 with 4GB of ram
installed. The American Megatrend setup utility(v2.61) is reporting a total
system memory of 3328MB.

> Maybe the PAE - Physical Address Extension is messing up the memory-mapped
> I/O on these mobo's. If that's the case, it's very likely that the only 
> data your driver gets is rubbish data.
> PAE could reserve certain regions for PCI/pnp addressing. But normally 
> that only happens on 4Gb systems where the top 512Mb is reserved for 
> PCI/pnp addressing.

How do we then test if this is the case and is there a way of dealing with

> Good to see you working on this! Can you explain the "It seems that the 
> region is reserved for pnp", a bit more?

When checking /proc/ioports this is what you see after loading the driver

0a00-0adf : pnp 00:0d
  0a00-0a01 : f71882fg

> Are you talking about the IO-address used by the sensors logical device of
> the super/io chip, or about ... ?

When the logical device is set to hwmon you can read the base address from
the registers. Which should contain the sensors data.

> Does your driver need to enable the sensors part on those MSI mobo's? Then

> maybe it also needs to search for a free io-space and program that into to

> superio config registers for the sensors logical device, before enabling 
> it.

On some of the test systems it does need to select the correct logical
device, but not on all. I'm not sure if it does need to enable the sensors.


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