[lm-sensors] PWMconfig problem with Asus P5B Deluxe / Winbond 83627DHG

Alexander Kiel alexanderkiel at gmx.net
Fri Nov 16 01:41:47 CET 2007

Hi David,

> > Can you submit this patch? I don't have a reasonable access to the
> > lm-sensors community.
> I'll take a look. I'm pushing out some patches for the kernel driver
> right now, so if you can hang on to that patch for a few days, I'll
> review it.

No problem. I will use Thermal Cruise anyway now. :-) But it would good
for the other people which get worried about this issue.

> > Second: Can you please tell me what echo 2 > pwm1_enable does on this
> > chip? Is it an chip automatic fan control? It works great for me. It
> > puts my fan currently to a 155.
> Yes, it's automatic. Take a look at
> /usr/src/linux/Documentation/hwmon/w83627ehf:
> pwm[1-4]_enable - this file controls mode of fan/temperature control:
>         * 1 Manual Mode, write to pwm file any value 0-255 (full speed)
>         * 2 Thermal Cruise
> There are two more modes (RPM cruise and SmartFan III) which are not
> supported by the driver yet. That's mainly because 2 (Thermal Cruise)
> works so well, I've focused on other things.

Oh. That's fine. This reminds me for the ASUS Q-Fan (BIOS setting)
modes. There you have Performance, Optimal and Silent.

It would be good if pwmconfig could tell one that ones chip have such a
automatic. Than I don't see any need for a software controller ala
fancontrol. In such a case pwmconfig should write a startup script which
sets the right enable mode and that's it.


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