[lm-sensors] PWMconfig problem with Asus P5B Deluxe / Winbond 83627DHG

Alexander Kiel alexanderkiel at gmx.net
Thu Nov 22 10:50:23 CET 2007

Hi Jean,

> This however doesn't completely explain Alexander's experience, as for
> him, only the _first_ value (the struck 0) appears to be considered by
> the driver. But as it seems to be a bash bug specific to Ubuntu (at
> least that's what the currently available evidences suggest), there's
> little point in spending more time on this. The bug should be reported
> to the maintainer of the Ubuntu bash package.

Yes I'm on the way to do this. I had no time the past days. I only
searched for this bug and did not find anything related. But I will file
this as bug.

Another thing I could do is take a live cd from another distri and try
the same. 

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