[lm-sensors] [PATCH] coretemp driver and Celeron 430 - works with minor modification

Jan Richling jan at richling.de
Sun Oct 7 19:10:05 CEST 2007

Hi Rudolf,

> Cool thanks. Please note that the temperature might be more non-physical. So in
> your case you have still 55C to overheat. The processor reports temp relative to
> trip point, which is "100C" in your case. If it is 85C or 100C works fine on
> mobile variants, should not on desktop CPUs.
> To sum it up. Even if your temperature is not a real one, you have still 55C to
> critical level.

I know... I did a kind of "test" of this. Running burnP6 with overclock
to 3 GHz and the stock cooler triggered auto shutdown of the CPU in less
than 30 seconds. Now I have a Pentium D820 boxed cooler and the core
goes up to 69 which is still 31 below the critical level.

Regarding the patch - I guess you can add 0x17 soon. This is the new
Penryn core Intel will bring to market in november. Question is only if
there is somebody to test.



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