[lm-sensors] Need some input for cleaning up FSC userspace code

Hans de Goede j.w.r.degoede at hhs.nl
Thu Oct 11 16:54:48 CEST 2007

Hi all,

I've been working today on creating support for the new fschmd in the 2.10.x 
tree for the 2.10.5 release.

I've added code like this too the current fscpos (and fscher and fscscy) print 

void print_fscpos(const sensors_chip_name *name)
   char *label;
   double voltage, temp, state, fan;
   int valid;

   /* Check for the non standard temp1_state sysfs attr the old driver uses
      if it isn't present we are talking to the new fschmd driver */
   if (sensors_get_feature(*name,SENSORS_FSCPOS_TEMP1_STATE,&state) != 0) {

   /* no need to read TEMP1_STATE, as we just successfully did that above */
   if (!sensors_get_label_and_valid(*name,SENSORS_FSCPOS_TEMP1,&label,&valid) &&
       !sensors_get_feature(*name,SENSORS_FSCPOS_TEMP1,&temp)) {

This works fine with the old driver, however it won't work with the new driver 
as currently lib/chips.c still contains the features list for the old driver, 
which btw is not in a good state:

[hans at localhost lm-sensors]$ /usr/local/bin/sensors -u
Adapter: SMBus I801 adapter at 2400
ERROR: Can't get feature `rev' data!
alarms: 0.00 (alarms)
control: 0.00 (control)
+12V: 1.89 (in0)
+5V: 1.98 (in1)
Battery: 2.45 (in2)
Temp1/CPU: 39.00 (temp1)
   temp1_state: 1.00 (temp1_state)
Temp2/MB: 34.00 (temp2)
   temp2_state: 1.00 (temp2_state)
Temp3/AUX: 127.00 (temp3)
   temp3_state: 0.00 (temp3_state)
Fan1/PS: 1320.00 (fan1)
   pwm1: 1.00 (pwm1)
   fan1_state: 0.00 (fan1_state)
ERROR: Can't get feature `fan1_ripple' data!
Fan2/CPU: 0.00 (fan2)
   pwm2: 1.00 (pwm2)
   fan2_state: 0.00 (fan2_state)
ERROR: Can't get feature `fan2_ripple' data!
Fan3/AUX: 0.00 (fan3)
   pwm3: 1.00 (pwm3)
   fan3_state: 0.00 (fan3_state)
ERROR: Can't get feature `fan3_ripple' data!
ERROR: Can't get feature `wdog_preset' data!
ERROR: Can't get feature `wdog_state' data!
ERROR: Can't get feature `wdog_control' data!

As you can see it refers to several 2.4 features not present or renamed in the 
2.6 driver.

So what I want todo is add features for the old driver non sysfs interface 
compliant attributes which are used in the old print_fscpos code, like 
temp#_state and fan#_state, to the fschmd features list, and then use that 
features list for all fsc chip prefixes. Then I'll update the old print code 
for the old fscpos, scy and her drivers to use the new feature numbers and 
things will work.

However this will break any existing applications which depend on the old FSC 
SCY / POS / HER feature numbers. We have no in tree users of these, but still.

So what todo?

I guess it would be best to:
-use my suggested fix to make one fschmd feature list including needed old
  features and use that everywhere, but ....
-make the feature numbers so that they are compatible with the feature numbers
  of the old attributes

But then what todo with the no longer existing features, avoid the numbers in 
the new fschmd feature list I guess, or still put them in for 2.4 users?

I guess I need to think a bit more about this, in the mean time any input is 



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