[lm-sensors] [patch 1/1] w83627hf hoist nr-1 offset out of show-store-temp-X

Jim Cromie jim.cromie at gmail.com
Mon Oct 15 01:10:52 CEST 2007

Jean Delvare wrote:
> Hi Jim,
> On Fri, 12 Oct 2007 17:56:41 -0600, Jim Cromie wrote:
>> this patch replaces last, fixing (long) cast placement,
>> and one previously missed (nr>=2) -> (nr)
>> This hoists nr-1 offset out of (show|store)_temp_*(.*) callbacks, and into
>> SENSOR_DEVICE_ATTRs for sysfs tempN_X files.  It also combines
>> temp[1] and temp_add[2] (array) fields in w83627hf_data into 3 elem arrays,
>> which simplifies special-case handling of nr, allowing simplification
>> of callback bodies and rerolling a flattened loop in
>> w83627hf_update_device(struct device *dev).
> Very nice cleanup, thanks.
thank you.

respun per your feedback.
> Could be made const. Please also name these w83627hf_reg_* instead of
> w83781d_reg_*. Ultimately we want to remove all references to w83781d
> from this driver.
Done.  I included W83627HF_REG_TEMP2,3_CONFIG since theyre
so close (lexically and semantically) that it'd more confusing to leave 

would you take a sed -e s/W83781D/W83627HF/
or a sed -e s/W83781D_REG/W83627HF_REG/ patch ?
or is it more selective than that ?

that said, the current names are a hint about chip & driver
heritage and commonality.
>> +	tmp = (nr) ? LM75_TEMP_TO_REG(val)
>> +		   : TEMP_TO_REG(val);
> This instruction could be moved outside of the lock-holding section.
OK - I turned these into decl+init statement,
and took out a little whitespace.

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