[lm-sensors] dme1737 module

Juergen Bausa Juergen.Bausa at web.de
Thu Sep 6 21:20:45 CEST 2007

> Von: Jean Delvare <khali at linux-fr.org>
> Gesendet: 06.09.07 11:51:43
> An: "Juerg Haefliger" <juergh at gmail.com>
> CC: lm-sensors at lm-sensors.org
> Betreff: Re: [lm-sensors] dme1737 module

> We must rework the checks in the dme1737 printing functions to process
> the ignore statements properly, and to only display errors for missing
> features, not missing channels. I'm attaching the patch I have come up
> with. I can't test it as I do not have the hardware. Juergen, can you
> please test and report?

Sorry I cant test it because I have the debian package installed. The patch doesnt
apply cleanly to my debian lm-sensors-2.10.4 and I dont want to install the source 

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