[lm-sensors] The new thermal management sysfs class, and hwmon

Len Brown lenb at kernel.org
Thu Feb 7 07:41:33 CET 2008

> Agreed.  However, *duplicating* what is already in hwmon elsewhere is not
> fun.  Please reconsider.

I started off with the same position as you, Henrique,
but Rui and Sujith don't see it that way.
Of course this is software, we can always change it --
particularly since there will be a very small list
of users for the new I/F, and we happen to know them:-)

> I'd like to see passive cooling (heck, the entire 
> ACPI v3.0 thermal model, if needed) added to hwmon, that will enhance hwmon
> to be even more generic, and we all benefit from that.

The ACPI 3.0 thermal model requires quite a bit of sophistication from
the system designer and BIOS writer.
Based on the quality of system designs and BIOS code we see
in the industry, I think it is way over the head of 99% of the industry.

That said, if a system does come out that supports the ACPI 3.0 Thermal Model
and they want to ship Linux on it, we can look into it then.


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