[lm-sensors] [PATCH] hwmon: (adm1026) Properly terminate sysfs groups (Was: panic about sysfs with adm1026)

MillTek mill.tek at verizon.net
Tue Feb 12 17:13:52 CET 2008

Kernel 2.6.24 for my distro (Arch Linux) came out in the last few days. 
My board has a Fintek F1882g chip. It means that I can finally get 
voltage and fan speeds for the board, so thanks for that.  I am 
wondering how I correctly calculate the correct offset and factors for 
the voltage numbers? This is what GKrellm says;

Vcor1  1.66  factor 1 offset 0
Vcor2  1.24  factor 1 offset 0
+3.3v   2.83  factor 3  offset 0
+5v      4.82  factor 4.98 offset 0
+12v    3.84 factor 4.0  offset 0
-12v    -4.35  factor -4.0 offset 0
-5v      -1.51  factor -1.667 offset 0
in7      1.66    factor 1  offset 0
in8       1.54   factor 1 offset 0

If there's a website that I should visit can anyone supply a link??


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