[lm-sensors] does lm-sensors pick up sensors that don't exist?

Matt Roberds mattroberds at cox.net
Mon Feb 18 15:30:09 CET 2008

On Mon, 18 Feb 2008, Per Jessen wrote:
> I've been suspecting temp3 of being the Northbridge temperature, but
> I've just been told by Gigabyte support that there is no sensor for
> temp3 ...

Many monitoring chips have multiple inputs and the motherboard
manufacturer does not always connect all of them.  I have an Asus
M2N-SLI motherboard with an it8716 monitoring chip with three inputs,
but only two of them are connected.

Another possibility is that temp3 is connected to *something* in your
system, but the values that lm-sensors uses to scale the raw reading
are incorrect.  Have you looked in the /etc/sensors.conf or
/etc/sensors3.conf for any information on your particular monitoring
chip or motherboard?

> I've been particularly interested in this temp3 as it has been
> hovering in the 80-86 degrees range, which I thought might be the
> cause of severe system instability (whilst under load).

On my system, temp3 on the it8716 always reports the maximum possible
value, +127 C.  I can guarantee (by putting my hand inside the case)
that nothing in my computer is that hot, so I have always just ignored
that reading.  I suspect that either the chip is designed to report the
maximum possible reading if there is no sensor connected, or that Asus
wired the unused sensor input to ground, +3.3 V, or some other voltage
that makes it read at the maximum possible.

Matt Roberds

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