[lm-sensors] Preparing patches for pca9552, ad5259, and bq27350

Matthew Bosworth codetastic at gmail.com
Mon Feb 18 19:54:55 CET 2008

Hi everyone,

   I've developed some i2c chip drivers that I'd like to contribute.   
They're working in our environment (Atmel at91 (ARM)  eval board), and  
I'm currently checking them against the kernel coding standards.

   Specifically, the chips are :

Phillips PCA9552 16-bit I2C-bus LED driver with programmable blink rates
Analog Devices AD5259 Nonvolatile, I2C-Compatible 256-Position,  
Digital Potentiometer
TI BQ27350  Single Cell Li-Ion Battery Manager With Impedance Track  
Fuel Gauge Technology

Feel free to put my name on the 'New Drivers' page, so no one else  
needs to start on them.

I have one question that I couldn't find in the docs anywhere.  When I  
provide a patch, what kernel revision / git repository should I be  
patching against?   I've been working in a Timesys kernel but  
I'm happy to merge them with another repo and create patches from there.

-Matt Bosworth
matt at codetastic dot com

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