[lm-sensors] adt7475 support status update?

Ivo Manca pinkel at gmail.com
Wed Feb 20 07:09:40 CET 2008


Matt Roberds wrote:
> It might be out of scope for lm-sensors, but I wonder if it would be a
> good idea to collect the datasheets on the various hardware monitoring
> chips and possibly make them available on the lm-sensors site.  I know
> the Devices page has links to the manufacturer pages, but these can and
> do change or go away.
This has been discussed before, see:

Just to quote Hans-Jürgen Koch

>> Useful, yes. But I guess it's simply a legal problem. Just because a
>> datasheet can be downloaded for free from the manufacturers website 
>> doesn't mean that you are entitled to re-publish it on your site.
>> You'd have to obtain permission (in writing) for each datasheet,
>> otherwise you can easily run into legal problems.

And Jean Delvare

>> Hans is unfortunately correct. Ensuring the legality of such a
>> datasheet hosting would be a real pain.

>> When possible we link to the datasheets on our Device wiki page, this
>> should be sufficient in most cases. For older devices, datasheets are
>> sometimes no longer available from the manufacturer's website, I admit
>> this is a problem, but in that case, an interested developer can always
>> contact the driver author, who hopefully can either share a copy of the
>> datasheet or at least answer questions

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