[lm-sensors] First shot at Asus M2N-SLI Deluxe config file

Matt Roberds mattroberds at cox.net
Thu Feb 21 01:30:58 CET 2008


Here's a first shot at a config file for an Asus M2N-SLI Deluxe
motherboard.  It may also work for other versions of the M2N-SLI; I
don't know.

Matt Roberds
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# First cut at a minimal sensors3.conf for Asus M2N-SLI Deluxe motherboard
# Matt Roberds, 20 Feb 2008

chip "it8716-*"

# Voltages

    label  in0  "VCore"
    label  in1  "VDDR"
    ignore in2             # 3.3 V?
    label  in3  "+5V"      # VCC
    label  in4  "+12V"
    label  in5  "-12V"
    label  in6  "-5V"
    label  in7  "5VSB"     # VCCH
    label  in8  "VBat"

    compute in3  ((6.8/10)+1)*@ , @/((6.8/10)+1)
    compute in4  ((30/10)+1)*@  , @/((30/10)+1)
    compute in7  ((6.8/10)+1)*@ , @/((6.8/10)+1)

# in5 and in6 appear to be wrong (I get around -17 V and -9 V with these
# 'compute' lines), but I'm not sure how to adjust the 'compute' lines.

    compute in5  (1+232/56)*@ - 4.096*232/56 , (@ + 4.096*232/56)/(1+232/56)
    compute in6  (1+120/56)*@ - 4.096*120/56 , (@ + 4.096*120/56)/(1+120/56)

# Temperatures

# Not sure.  temp1 always reads close to what k8temp reports for Core0.
# temp3 always reads approximate ambient temperature.  temp2 is between
# temp1 and temp3.

# Fans

    label  fan1 "CPU Fan"
    label  fan2 "Chassis Fan 1"
    label  fan3 "Power Supply Fan"

chip "ADT7475-*"

# For some reason, ignoring vccp, remote1, and remote2 doesn't work.  Is
# it because they have ALARM set?

# Voltages

    ignore vccp
    label  vcc  "+3.3V"

# Temperatures

# Not 100% sure.  remote1 and 2 don't appear to be hooked up; local is
# on board the adt7475 chip itself.

    ignore remote1
    ignore remote2

# Fans

    label  fan1 "Chassis Fan 4"
    label  fan2 "Chassis Fan 2"
    label  fan3 "Chassis Fan 3"
    ignore fan4

chip "k8temp-*"

   label temp1 "Core0 Temp"
   label temp3 "Core1 Temp"

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