[lm-sensors] ipmisensors almost working...

Stian Jordet liste at jordet.net
Tue Jul 15 13:58:10 CEST 2008

Yani Ioannou skrev:
> Hi Stian,
> The reason I haven't merged ipmisensors into the kernel yet is this
> exactly, on some BMCs the code to convert sensor readings into human
> readable forms is just not working - this is practically the only code
> left over from bmcsensors  and I began re-writing it a few months ago
> but got busy with other stuff. I'd like to start that again though, so
> perhaps you could help ne test the new code when it is finished?
> There are in fact some sensors we may never be able to convert
> completely in the kernel - they require complex transformations
> involving logarithms. etc, that kernel code simply can't (and
> shouldn't) calculate, so I think the real solution to this will have
> to involve userspace support.
> For now could you list the results from lmsensors and ipmitool so they
> can be compared?
Hi, Yani.

I guess you have given up/lost interest in this project. But I still 
wanted to give it a shot and hear if you were planning trying to make it 
work one last time ;)

Have a nice summer!


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